Jun 2, 2010

The Sting

CALLING ALL LITERARY TATTOOS! I’m running dangerously low on new content for the blog. Don’t you want to see your fantastic art on the blog?
Want to see your friends or families body art, too? Spread the word!
Put it in a video, tell your roommates, mention it in another blog…whatever you want to do, but I need content! :)
Send in your literary art to
Speaking of danger…Melissa’s tattoo has a sting:
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“My inspiration was the German rock band The Scorpions. It is the name of their album from 1984 which is also the same year I was born. They are my favorite band ever!”


This Saturday I’m breaking my own rules. Don’t have a literary tattoo, but want your art featured on the blog? Well, here’s your chance. This Saturday only I will be featuring 5 “non-literary” tattoos on the site. So if you want to share your body art with the online community please send in your pictures and stories to



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