Jun 1, 2010


Meghan sent me this touching story along with her sparrow tattoo:


"when i was about 11 my mom and step dad got married. he was the most loving man.
he had cancer for almost 10 years, he had non hodgkin's lymphoma.
he'd been holding strong for the longest making small goals to achieve like when i started high school, 'i want to see you graduate,'
then my jr year he had 5 heart attacks in one day but still said 'im going to watch you walk across that stage and get your diploma.'
he always told me and my younger sister 'all you need to remember in life is you always need respect and responsibility' i still can hear it...
on nov 19 2009 he passed away.
i decided about a year before he passed to get a tattoo for him i told him i was going to get a tattoo for him its going to say 'respect' ...he loved the thought
me, my best friend amanda, and my mom all went down and got tattoos together ..."

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