Jun 5, 2010

Saturday Free For All!

As promised today is a free for all...meaning any tattoo was welcome to be submitted, not just literary. So we got a few great submissions and I can't wait to share! Thanks to everyone, and don't forget you can still submit your literary tattoos anytime to

okay, here we go:

I knew instantly I had to share Catherine's story, especially since I have such a similar one with my best friend.

I got my tattoo July 3rd 2009, a little over 2 years after I had lost my best friend. My tattoo says RIP when I show it to someone, but when I'm looking down my arm at it I see JAT, my best friends initials. I lost my best friend in a drunk driving accident less than 3 miles from our house. He called me at 1:45am Mothers day 2007 (5-13-2007) saying, "Hey! Come meet me at muchos! Lets hang out!"...I hadn't talked to him in almost 6 months. He was going around a VERY sharp s-curve and didn't make the last corner, he went off the side of the road and off of a probably 50 ft drop straight into a tree. The car burst into flames and he died on impact, it was 2:15AM.
I went to work the next day knowing nothing of the events of the night before, it was mothers day and I worked at a retirement home...we had a very busy brunch. My best friend called me and said, "Have you heard about Jeff?" and I told her I was at work and didn't have time to talk...and that what she heard had to have been a lie that I had just talked to him the night before. After 3 other calls I finally got worried. I called the mother of his son and asked her why people were telling me he was dead, all she said was "he is". I lost it. I instantly burst into tears.

I chose to get this tattoo for him because I knew that he would have thought it was 'cool' lol. He had quite a few tattoos himself and was always wanting more. I knew that when I was going to get a tattoo for him that it couldn't be just some plain RIP or wings, it had to mean something to me, and it would have to live up his expectations.
I searched for over a year and a half for something that fit, and nothing meant enough to me. When I came across ambigrams, which means "a typographical creation that presents two or more separate words within the same physical space" (, I knew I had found something special.

The day I got the tattoo I cried, not because it hurt (even though it didn't feel the best lol) but because I knew that for the rest of my life I was going to be able to tell people the story of my amazing best friend and how he touched not only my life but the lives of others.

This memorial tattoo belongs to Tiffany who shared this sweet story about her "Abuelo"-
This is my first tattoo and it means alot to me not only because it was my first but because i got it in memory of my grandfather who passed away from stomach cancer. I chose dominos because it was his favorite game and he always told me that dominos is like life you start the game w/ a double 6 and even tho there isnt any specific way of starting out life you should always try to start out with the right foot and to see your goals as the double 6 domino you lay it down and go for it.

As a makeup artist I definitely loved the feel of Melissa's tattoo, she's also no stranger to being featured on the blog-
t is inspired my my mom's mom, my Meemaw Barbara. She always wore red lipstick. She would never leave the house without makeup on. That's where I get being girly from! Hope you like this tattoo. It is certainly one of my favs! It means so much. My mother says my Meemaw would have loved the tattoo. Which makes me even more happy.

Milli's tattoo is very playful, she says she is "obsessed with cats" and "love[s] tattoos so here's the result of that combination!"

Personally I "Love" Kate's tattoo, while it isn't literary it her Mom! My mom and I have talked about getting similar tattoos in the other's handwriting, so this is way cool!
It's "love" in my mom's handwriting on the back of my neck. This photo was taken right after I got it done on Janurary 9 2009. She is very much alive so it's not a memorial tattoo, it's just to remind me that despite all our problems and how often we fight she still loves me. And she's a pain in my neck :)

and Finally...
The last "Super Saturday" feature comes from Andrea

So I'm another tattoo'd chick. I think it's awesome that more and more women are decorating and expressing ourselves through body art.

The first is a dragon that wraps around my shoulders and across the top of my back. Its part of a back piece that my artist and I are working on .. when complete it'll be a dragon on the top for strength and power and a phoenix below for femininity and beauty coming together in balance. But it's special to me because I've been through a lot in my life and shows me I can still be strong.

The second is a butterfly on my wrist. My older sister and I were very close and when she died, my little sister and I wanted to get something that would sort of bind us together. So we decided on some body art and she picked out the blue butterfly. We've both gone the same one in the same place :)

...okay, just ONE more...
I couldn't resist since it was sent in by my friend Kandace, a registered nurse (RN)...and since I was actually there when she got it.

For those of you unaware this is called a caduceus and is usually considered the symbol for medicine

Again, thank you for all who submitted! I have a few more that weren't used, that I will probably use in the future on the next free for all Saturday!

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