May 3, 2010


Hi! My name is Sarah and I’m a tattoo addict. Well, maybe that is a slight overstatement. It’s more like I’m addicted to looking at tattoos. I do have a few myself, that is true, but more than that I love seeing other people’s body art.
It is my belief is that all tattoos are beautiful. Whether you are inked in vibrant primary colors or black and white, butterflies or skulls, body art is something that is to be worn with pride. That being said there are many websites and blogs out on the interwebs that feature various types of tattoos, but sites dedicated solely to literary tattoos are a rare find.
For months I have frequented, the only other completely literary tattoo blog I could find, but I was often left wanting more.
The host of the blog used to update daily, but then it drifted off to weekly, and as of now she has not updated for nearly 2 months.
I found myself in withdrawal, in need of a literary fix, with no where to go.
Where’s Dr. Drew when you need him?
I decided I either needed to enter rehab or to take matters into my own hands….so here I am.
I want to make a vow…to you and to myself…that I will keep this updated.
This will be a place where our literary tattoo addictions can be fulfilled on more than a monthly basis.
My goal is to update every Wednesday and Saturday, and sometimes on the days in between.
All right… that being said, let’s get started!!
As you know I can’t very well get my fix satiated without an array literary tattoos, that is where you come in—Send me your pictures, folks!
So what defines a literary tattoo? Anything based on books, lyrics, movies, poems…etc. That includes illustrations and album cover art as well.  
Do you have a tattoo that qualifies?
Want to be featured on the blog?
Email me your pictures! Quality photos are preferred, but I won’t discriminate.
Send your pics to and check back every Wednesday and Saturday.
Who knows, maybe next week your own body art will be on the front page!
Don’t forget to comment.

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