May 8, 2010

Sea Blue

Thank you to everyone who has submitted tattoos so far. I love to see your art and also hear your stories! When I received Krystle's email yesterday I knew she was next on my list to post. Such a great story to her tattoo and she's given me permission to share it with you. Enjoy:

"The man who sang the song my lyric is an amazing british indie guy from Vancouver named Sam Bradley. in case you want to check him out. ;) The song is called Sea Blue. ((definitely, check the link. The song is beautiful!))
My husband left me a year and a half ago and obviously I had a tough time with it at first. Four days after he left I was listening to Sam and heard this song and the moment I heard him sing this line my world changed. It was like a switch flicked inside of my soul (as hokey as that sounds) and I came to a few realizations. The "world's steady population defies that you're the only one." Sooo true, and like that I was completely over my husband. This one line said so much to me. It reminded me that of course there are other men in the world and one day someone great just might fall in love with me again. It also told me that no matter what I was going through in any aspect of my life... I was not the only one. This is a very freeing feeling to know that you are never alone.
I had thought for years about getting a tattoo but I wanted it to be something that nobody else could ever say they have. I needed it to be special and meaningful to me if I was going to have it for the rest of my life. Once I came down from the thrill of self discovery (haha) I just knew that this had to be my tat. So I waited until Sam came to play a concert near me and I asked him personally if it would be okay to use his words as my body art. he was shocked, moved, and flattered, and thankfully not as creeped out as I feared he might be. After asking me if I was sure about the whole thing and had really thought it through he actually asked for me to send him a picture as soon as I had it. Ummm yeah, lol, of course.
There is another reason this tat is so special to me, the placement of it. I chose to have it on the front side of my rib so I could always see it in the mirror looking back at me. I had severe eating disorders for years and have overcome them, but like any girl I still have body issues from time to time. This tat reminds me that I am not the only woman to feel this way and being the type to make others feel better about their bodies, I also remember that I'm just as beautiful as every other woman on earth... no matter what the scale says."

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rawolives said...

Beautiful story. <3 It really got to me today. It was just what I needed.