Jul 16, 2010

Text Tattoos

Since tomorrow is going to be really busy for me (yay, garage sale!) I decided to go ahead and post…
Today is dedicated to tattoos that are not necessarily “literary”, but are textual instead.
First up is from Jenny:
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Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Both are in russian in the Cyrillic alphabet.
However I am swedish and do not speak that language, but since everyone has a story that comes with their tattoo, so have I.
I was asking around in my family about my heritage and where my grandmother on my fathers side was born, and where she lived before she met my grandfather, and so on.
I found out that my grandmother (Sisko) was born in Russia, but moved to Finland during the world war two when she met my grandfather (Soini) who worked as a railway worker. So for my grandmothers memory and for how much I love her I did this two tattoos..:)
The first one says "Truth in Love" and sits on my left sleeve, and the second says "Jenny" and sits on my right sleeve.
Next up is from Shauna:
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My Art is "Vanity" on my wrist...But don't think of "Vanity" as in the word "Vain", look at it as in outer image obsessed. Which is what I am, and also what my career as a hair stylist is. I love my tattoo and what it means to me, I hope you like it too.
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