Jul 1, 2010

C'est La Vie

Today’s tattoo comes to us from Brittany. Though she may not realize it, this is literary since it is a popular title to several different songs (including my own personal favorite by the Irish girl-band B*Witched)
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When I was a little girl,  my sister and I used to cry and whine about the little things like not sharing a Barbie or wanting the same kind of everything but we couldn't have the same. My grandma used to always tell us "C'est la vie! Life is never fair!" Typical of an old french-creole woman!
A few weeks ago I graduated from high school. A huge milestone in life. One of my close friends and I decided to both get tattooed. I got "c'est la vie" to mark graduating and going into the world alone and also to mark my grandma's favorite saying when things weren't going our way. Things in life will never be fair and you just have to deal with it, that's life!
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